Graduating Ambassador

Graduation, Reflections – Every year, we bid farewell to the graduating batch of ambassadors. It is a bittersweet moment indeed as they leave the Corps to embark on a new phase of life. Let’s join James, a graduating ambassador, as he looks back fondly on his experience in the Corps!

Question: What motivated you to join the SMU Ambassadorial Corps?

J: I wanted to practise speaking in front of an audience: Ambassadors host numerous campus tours to share more about the university through self-organised events such as SMU Parents’ Day or other ad-hoc tours for various stakeholders and I wanted to be part of that.

I also wanted to look for long-term friends through my university life and beyond: While the commitment until graduation seemed daunting, this also meant lasting friendships to tide through university with, a welcoming respite from the transient nature of most friendships.

Question: As an ambassador, what was your greatest value-add?

J: The opportunity to interact with and understand the needs of various stakeholders has improved my interpersonal skills, broadened my perspectives and grown me to be someone who can relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Question: What is your favourite memory of the SMU Ambassadorial Corps?

J: Definitely café-hopping in JB for winter gathering!

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