Ask graduating ambassadors

As another batch of ASMU seniors graduates from SMU, we are excited to welcome them into our ASMU Alumni family. Looking back on their time in the Corps, here is what several of our graduating Ambassadors had to say about their experience:

Looking back, what do you think is your biggest takeaway from ASMU?

“My greatest takeaway from ASMU would be the friendships forged with my peers. Being a 4 year commitment CCA, the friendships forged extended from my first year to my final one, where many of us stuck by one another through exchange, internships and day to day campus life. Aside from that, being in the Corps also taught me of professionalism when dealing with external stakeholders which helped me significantly during my various internship stints.” – Rebecca Foong, 15th Batch

“The answer is simple – the people. I’ve met incredible seniors and juniors in ASMU. Seniors who’ve helped me along the way by sharing their own personal experiences and juniors who’ve taught me how to stay young and fun.  I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet all these inspiring people and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.” – Chua Min Hui, 14th Batch

Reflecting on your journey in the Corps, what do you feel was the biggest challenge you faced in ASMU?

“I would think my biggest challenge was to contribute for PD’17 (SMU Parents’ Day 2017) while I was on my overseas internship. The accommodation did not have unlimited Wifi so it meant that I was not able to attend video meetings to be updated on what’s happening. In the midst of it, I still have to contribute to the event just like other members in the team. I was glad that my mentor, Wayne, was helpful in providing advice and support throughout the process. He told me to set the expectations with my ICs and inform them on what I can or cannot do.” – Tan Rui Feng, 15th Batch

“I think some of the most challenging times would be when we were tasked to organise some of the biggest school events. For me, it was PD ’17 (SMU Parents’ Day 2017) and AYOC ’18 (SMU Academic Year Opening Ceremony 2018), where the sheer amount of time we had to set aside for planning, meetings and documenting leading up to the event, was no easy feat. However, I think these are also some of the most rewarding and memorable moments I had in the Corps. These are the times where you get to forge the best friendships, and also hearing directly from the guests on the job well done makes it all worth it. If I was given a choice to do it all over again, I would.” – Annetta Chan, 15th Batch

Moving forward, has being a part of ASMU helped prepare you for your next step after SMU?

“In ASMU, I became part of a community of committed and helpful peers and seniors, some of whom strongly influenced me into embarking on my current career path.” – Aung Nay Myo, 15th Batch

Finally, a big shout out to our graduating Ambassadors – thank you for your dedication and commitment in your years in ASMU. Happy Graduation, we know you’ll do us proud!

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