Juniors’ Induction

Over the recess week, we welcomed our 17th batch of Ambassadors into the Corps in our yearly tradition of Junior’s Induction! After an entire day of orientation and training, we finally got to let our hair down, bond with the juniors – and also find out some very interesting facts about them – over an evening of fun and games as we celebrate the end of a crazy (but fun-filled) recess week ☺️

Junior’s Induction 2019 was a smash and a huge shout out to the Talent Integration, Training & Development and Internal Engagement teams for spearheading a memorable and eventful night! Special shout out to the Recruitment Team 2019 for the fantastic and successful recruitment drive we have had this year – it’s been a ride!

To the 21 newly inducted Juniors, welcome to the Family! ?

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