SMU Patron’s Day 2020



SMU’s Patron, President Halimah Yacob adding finishing touches to the clay SMOO-SMOO figurine to kickstart the SMU Ambassadorial Corp’s project – Sm20thing The Way for Change


Chairman, Mr Ho Kwon Ping and Chancellor, Mr Lim Chee Onn engaged by Jonan, a Year 3 business student from the SMU Ambassadorial Corps

On the 17th of January 2020, SMU was proud to host its annual “SMU Patron’s Day” event. This year we celebrated the institution’s 20th
birthday and all we have achieved together. Around 6,000 individuals came together as one SMU and raised over $20,000 for SMU’s bursaries. Some of the many highlights include performances by local artists such as Benjamin Kheng and an exciting countdown where 20 past and present SMU students gathered at 2020hours to hit the switch in commemoration of SMU’s 20th birthday!

The SMU Ambassadorial Corps (ASMU) was smack in the middle of the action as our ambassadors had the privilege of engaging SMU’s senior management, such as Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping as well as SMU Patron, President Halimah Yacob herself. The President added finishing touches to the SMOO SMOO figurine at the ASMU booth to launch one of the Corp’s projects, “SM20thing The Way For Change”.

Since its inception, SMU was founded against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving world to serve as a different U by challenging and forging new frontiers in Singapore and in Asia.

SMU’s 20th anniversary serves as a poignant marker in our history, allowing us to not only take stock of what we have done as ONE SMU over the past 2 decades, but it also allows us to reaffirm our commitment to SMU’s Vision 2025 of creating meaningful and positive impact not only in the business sphere but also in government and society.

In commemoration of SMU’s 20th birthday, the SMU Ambassadorial Corps (ASMU) proudly presents SM20thing The Way For Change, the only student-led project, out of the 20 projects planned in celebration of SMU’s 20th anniversary. Through the manifestation and painting of the SMOO SMOO Clay figurines, this initiative seeks to involve students, faculty and alumni as ONE SMU to celebrate the meaningful impact that SMU has created over the years through painting the dolls in their image.

Another dimension to this initiative, is that all proceeds from the sale of the dolls will be going entirely to SMU bursaries, which will provide financial aid and support to less fortunate SMU students. This is in line with the University’s pledge – SMU Access , that strives to ensure that no deserving student is denied a quality education at SMU due to financial circumstances. We hope throughout campaign, SMU students will not be bogged down by financial circumstances and instead be given the freedom and opportunity to reach for new horizons and create meaningful impact in their own ways.