Juniors’ Induction 2020

Over recess week, ASMU warmly welcomed our new 18th batch to the Corps! They had fun getting to know existing ambassadors better through a “lunch with a senior” session and learnt more about the different portfolios, how to conduct tours, as well as the Corps’ mentee-mentorship program.

To tell us more about his experience during Juniors’ Induction 2020, we’ve invited Dishan Timbadia to answer a few questions.

Hi Dishan! How does it feel to be part of the ASMU family?

“I feel immensely proud that I am part of the SMU Ambassadorial Corps. Since my induction, I’ve noticed that the ASMU Team treats everyone like family and that has genuinely impressed me. Fellow Ambassadors are meeting for workout sessions, lunch gatherings, forming study groups, amongst others. The sense of camaraderie is heart-warming, and I really look forward to growing closer to this close-knit family, cultivating it even further with the current and future Ambassadors of ASMU.”


What was your biggest takeaway from Juniors’ Induction?
“During the 12-hour induction, there was a segment held during which the juniors were tasked to conduct a 30 minute tour with seniors, after which feedback was provided. This proved to be extremely insightful as it gave us a first-hand run down of the duties Ambassadors are required to perform. Tours are our bread and butter but turns out that’s actually easier said than done. I understood that there is still a long way to go and that it is essential to keep an open mind, but I really look forward to every bit of it.”


What are you most excited about embarking on as an Ambassador?
“I’m eagerly anticipating sharing my experiences with both internal and external stakeholders of SMU. It isn’t going to be easy, but I trust it will be a huge learning opportunity for myself. Additionally, I am raring at the opportunity of mingling with like-minded Ambassadors who are striving towards success too. I am confident that the flow of ideas and thoughts will enable all of us to mould ourselves as more confident and knowledgeable individuals. I’m thoroughly looking forward to embarking on my journey as an Ambassador and I hope I can contribute meaningfully to building the ASMU family.”


Thank you Dishan for sharing so candidly! We hope everyone involved in Juniors’ Induction had a great time and would like to thank the Internal Engagement portfolio for organizing such a memorable event for the Corps J