What Have Our Ambassadors Been Up To?

Summer 2020 Reimagined

With the recent shifts in arrangements and guidelines on campus to safeguard students and staff amidst the COVID-19 situation, rethinking how we work and engage our Ambassadors have never been more important to us. Typically, the summer break is a time where we actively conduct training sessions for our Ambassadors to hone their skills in hosting campus tours, as well as to learn something fun and new – where we have conducted Photoshop classes and resume writing workshops in previous years. More importantly, all of our junior Ambassadors are also heavily involved in the planning of our annual flagship event throughout the summer holidays – SMU Parents’ Day, where we host the many parents of our incoming freshmen each year. Despite being unable to do all that this year, Ambassadors from the Talent Development & Integration and Internal Engagement portfolios rallied their efforts by reimagining new ways to ensure that our Ambassadors stay connected and active in these times. In this blogpost, we will be featuring some of the exciting highlights that have been ongoing throughout summer – from circuit breaker and beyond.

Our Ambassadors have been occupied learning Python Programming every Tuesday and Thursday, where our fellow Ambassador Chu Wei Hao (17th Batch) has volunteered to share his knowledge of the programming tool to some of our Ambassadors who were particularly interested in picking up this new skill. The classes were conducted with specific session goals to enhance the learning experience, with extra practices made available to the attendees to refine their skills in the programming system.

For our Ambassadors who felt like the circuit breaker has disrupted their goal to stay lean and fit, the Internal Engagement team has also put together the ‘Keep Fit Initiative’, providing opportunities for Ambassadors to bond through games and movie nights. Such activities have helped our Ambassadors stay positive and look forward to the time where we will finally meet each other again!

Lastly, a large handful of Ambassadors also embarked on a journey to learn a new language through the ASMU Polyglots initiative. Participants could choose from multiple languages ranging from Japanese to Korean, and join a closed community to discuss and play games on a fortnightly basis. This helped each other keep up to speed on their learning and progress with the language. It was heartening to see how motivated our Ambassadors were in picking up the language of their choice, since the learning is mostly self-directed through the Duolingo app. In time to come, we hope that our Ambassadors can walk away having met the objectives they set for themselves at the start of the program. Who knows… we might invite one of them to conduct a campus tour with their newly acquired language for a guest when the opportunity arises, so do stay tuned to find out more!