Junior’s Induction 2021

On March 5, ASMU was thrilled to welcome a fresh batch of Ambassadors to the Corps! Over the course of the Juniors’ Induction, the 19th Batch of Ambassadors had the opportunity to bond with the rest of their cohort, interact with seniors and understand more about their roles within the Corps. We spoke to Goh Yi Shen to hear about his induction experience.  

Q1. What was your Junior’s Induction experience like? 

It was fun! To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect so I was prepared for a more formal kind of induction. In reality, the welcoming seniors, icebreaker games and the well-paced presentations made it a very warm and enjoyable one! It was great to get to know everyone more. 

Q2. What was your biggest takeaway from it? 

Personally, the biggest takeaway was the tours training segment when we conducted a simulated tour for senior Ambassadors. Having them there to guide and provide feedback really gave me a glimpse into what our role as Ambassadors should look like, and it helped point me to the steps I should take to improve myself. 

Q3. How does it feel to belong to the ASMU family? 

Definitely exciting! It’s clear that a sense of family is a big part of ASMU, and I’m glad to be part of a community that believes in that. The seniors (and my batch mates too, actually) have been friendly and open, whether it’s sharing more about themselves or offering advice regarding ASMU. Sure, there’s some awkwardness getting to know new people (as always) but I feel like we have been welcomed into the ASMU family with open arms. 

Q4. What are you looking forward to the most as an Ambassador? 

I’m looking forward to taking on future events alongside my batch! Whether that’s trainings, informal meetings or, hopefully, tours when the COVID-19 situation improves – I’m excited to be starting this journey with them. 

Q5. What’s one thing you’ll want to tell the next batch of Ambassadors about joining ASMU? 

I feel like many people might be worried about needing a lot of experience or to be of a certain personality to join ASMU. That isn’t true, and I think ASMU sees beyond just some material benefit that members can bring to the Corps. If you’re fearful about what the road ahead entails, trust that the ASMU family is ready and willing to guide you! 

It’s always a great experience to have new Ambassadors join the ASMU family. We hope the induction experience was enjoyable for all and thank the members of Talent Development & Integration for planning it to perfection!