Juniors’ Retreat 2021

On May 22, the 19th batch of Ambassadors participated in Juniors’ Retreat, an annual event where the new batch of Ambassadors engage in self-development and leadership activities. The Ambassadors took part in a Clifton Strengths workshop, goal setting activities, as well as a virtual escape room. We spoke to Natalia to hear more about her experience.

Q1. What was your Juniors’ Retreat experience like?

I really enjoyed myself during the Juniors’ Retreat! It was great catching up with my fellow 19th batch Ambassadors. I enjoyed engaging in deep discussions during the Values Conversation Workshop and practical conversations during Goal Setting and Workplan session. Additionally, we participated in the Escape Room bonding activity and had loads of fun together! Despite Juniors’ Retreat being virtual, the activities were still extremely interesting and engaging.

Q2. What was your biggest takeaway from it?

My biggest takeaway from Juniors’ Retreat would be the Values Conversation Workshop. Through the workshop with our trainer, Mr Maik Frank, we could better understand our key values and the way it can help us in both our work and our personal lives.

Q3. What was your favourite activity from the Juniors’ Retreat?

My favourite activity has to be the bonding activity! The game-based problem-solving virtual escape room was extremely fun and interesting. It brought out the different skills and abilities of different Ambassadors. For example, when encountering a puzzle that contained multiple steps, it was heartening to see everyone pitch in at each step with their own unique way of viewing the problem, which ultimately helped us to reach the end goal!

Q4. How would you put into practice what you have learnt as an Ambassador?

During the Goal Setting and Workplan session, we could see how the Values Conversation Workshop helped us better visualise our abilities and skills, hence allowing us to better plan for our journey in ASMU. By being more cognisant of my values, this has made me more self-aware, and hopefully a better Ambassador in the future!