ASMU Mentorship Programme

Every year, we have a mentorship programme to help our newly inducted juniors assimilate into the Corps. Our senior Ambassadors undergo mentorship training to ensure that they are best equipped to guide their mentees in their journey ahead, in ASMU and beyond. Let’s hear from Lizi and Jocelyn about their experience as mentor-mentee in ASMU! 

1) Lizi, what motivated you to be a mentor? 

I signed up to be a mentor because my journey as a mentee was really fun! Wai Yi, my mentor, gives me more than just pragmatic advice about tours, academics and internships; we also hang out with other Ambassadors and it is nice to have this circle in University. Even though she just graduated, I foresee we will still meet up quite often!  

She motivated me to become a mentor and I see it as my way of giving back to ASMU. Jocelyn and I are pretty good friends! Although there have been Covid-19 restrictions, we keep in touch over text but I am excited to shop, eat, and hang out together face-to-face soon!  

2) Jocelyn, how would you describe your relationship with your mentor?  

Some may have this misconception that mentorship might be intimidating, but I would describe my relationship with Li Zi as one that is really comfortable. Her friendly personality makes it easy for us to connect on a personal level which has helped us become more than just mentor-mentee, but also friends! This made it so much easier to assimilate into ASMU and to seek advice on any problems that I may be facing. 

3) How has the mentorship programme helped you as a Junior Ambassador? 

With a mentorship programme, you realise that in the journey of achieving growth and personal development, you are never alone. I appreciate the fact that Li Zi has “been there and done that”, and her experience has benefitted me immensely so that I don’t make the same mistakes. She is a pillar of support, who has constantly encouraged me to try new things.  

4) Do you have any tips for others who are looking to make the most out of their mentorship journey?  

Jocelyn: It takes two hands to clap, and mentees should also be proactive in this relationship. I understand it might be easier to be on the receiving end and wait for feedback, but there is more to take away if you reach out. Don’t worry if you and your mentor are very different in terms of career or academic pursuit, there is always something for you to take home!  

Lizi: Personally, when I was a mentee, I realised that viewing my mentor as a friend made it a lot easier to get closer and so that is what Jocelyn and I apply in our mentorship journey as well! As a mentor, I would recommend including your mentee in activities that might interest him/her. Building shared experiences together helps you understand them better which allows for us as mentors to value-add to their growth in a targeted manner!