About us

Our Values


We are a close-knit family characterised by friendship, candour, trust, and cooperation.


We are committed to all our stakeholders, working partners, and the Corps itself.


We treat all stakeholders alike and constantly seek to improve ourselves


We uphold integrity and honesty in everything we do.


We take pride in what we do, and endeavour to constantly deliver work of high quality.


We strive for excellence and are aware that today’s excellence can be tomorrow’s mediocrity.

Our Ambassadors


Our Ambassadors yearn to live, love and share their SMU experiences with those around them. 

Our 60-member strong Corps come from all faculties, each with their unique SMU story to tell.

We hope to grant a glimpse into the vibrancy and diversity of the student body to visitors and stakeholders through our Ambassadors

Featured Ambassador


Hello, I am Nigel, an Ambassador from the 17th Batch. I'm currently studying in the Lee Kong Chian School of Business!

SMU has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to pursue my passions which has aided in my holistic growth. Joining ASMU thus gives me the opportunity to give back to the school by allowing me to share my unique personal experience in SMU, with external stakeholders.

What I really love about being in ASMU is having the chance to meet people from very diverse backgrounds. Not only do I get to host external guests such as foreign dignitaries and VIP delegates, I also get to work with my peers who are all extremely talented. This pushes me to always strive for excellence.


A closely knitted group of individuals who have continued to excel in their various capacities upon graduation, our past Ambassadors continue to engage and give back to the Corps. Here are some of their ASMU stories.

The constant strive for excellence and emphasis on professionalism helped to build the foundation on me that turns out to be crucial at work upon graduation.

The greatest takeaway from ASMU would be some of my closest university friends and inspiring mentors. It is a special, diverse community built on shared experiences and anchored by the same values.

Lui Fang Yu

Equity Sales Analyst, Goldman Sachs

ASMU instilled in me the value of excellence. From planning tour routes to executing large scale events such as SMU Parents’ Day, I was taught how to think critically, plan with attention to detail as well as plan professionally. This sense of ownership and responsibility has served me as I transitioned out of school, into the corporate world.

I have met many amazing people around school but I have definitely found a family in SMU both within and across batches. Despite coming from diverse backgrounds, we were all united by our common goal of serving the larger SMU community and making an impact, one way or another. I treasure these relationships till this day as many of us keep in touch regularly. I am certain these bonds will continue to strengthen over the years.

Rahul Thadani

Private Equity Analyst, Partners Group

ASMU has provided me with opportunities to interact and have meaningful conversations with important stakeholders of the school and this has been very beneficial for my professional development.

My greatest takeaway would be the diverse community – being able to meet, work and have fun with fellow ambassadors from all walks of life!

Calvin Lay

International Graduate, Standard Chartered Bank

Are you an ASMU Alumnus?

We are always looking out to connect with our Alumni. Here at the SMU Ambassadorial Corps, once an Ambassador, always an Ambassador. We pride ourselves on having a strong esprit de corps that lasts even after graduation. If you are an alumni and want to reach out to us, feel free to click on the form below. Alternatively, you can reach out to us through email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter!