SMU Parents' Day

A Journey Together

What is SMU Parents' Day?

Hosted by the SMU Ambassadorial Corps, SMU Parents’ Day is a university-wide annual event designed for the parents of our incoming freshmen, to find out more about your child’s exciting journey ahead in SMU.

Through the personal reflections and stories about student life from the SMU community, you can expect to find out more about:

  • Key SMU Experiences & Milestones
  • Personal Growth Opportunities
  • Future Career Prospects of an SMU Student
  • Role of Parents in their child’s SMU journey
  • Support from SMU (Financial assistance, growth opportunities, etc.)
Each SMU Parents’ Day event is tailored to the different schools.


In light of the COVID-19 situation this year, the SMU Ambassadorial Corps has come up with the ‘Parents’ Outreach 2020′ virtual project, to replace the annual SMU Parents’ Day event. To ensure that parents are still able to gain detailed insights into their children’s SMU journey, the team has designed a factsheet that consists of important university-wide information and faculty-specific information.

Click the button below to access the factsheet!

Event Details

Dear Parents,
Please note that SMU Parents’ Day is held on separate dates for the different faculties, hence do ensure that you are signed up for the corresponding event for your child’s faculty. As we will be having a campus tour during the event, please do wear comfortable footwear.
SMU Parents' Day

Information of SMU Parents’ Day for the various faculties are shown below. Do note that these sessions cater to parents of local students.

SMU International Parents' Day

SMU International Parents’ Day caters to parents of international students across all faculties.

If you have any enquiries, please do drop us an email at

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