RECRUitment 2021


Unlike most clubs, the Corps only opens up for recruitment in Term 2. Recruitment is open from Week 1 to Week 4 of Term 2. Below is a general timeline of what you can expect from the recruitment process!

Info Sessions & Coffee Chats
At these sessions, you can expect sharings on:
- What we do as Ambassadors
- Ambassadors' Personal Experiences
- Leadership Opportunities provided by ASMU
Application Process
To apply, download and email a soft copy of your application form to us by Friday, 5 February 2021, 2pm.
Upon passing of the application form process, you will have to go through a Boardroom and Tour Interview to assess your fit for the Corps.
Ambassadors who pass and accept the offer will be formally inducted into the Corps.
Tours and People Management training will be given to Junior Ambassadors to ensure their optimal performance as an SMU Ambassador.


Important information

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Be in your first or second year of study

  2. Third year students on a five-year program may be considered

  3. Demonstrate alignment to our Corps Values

  4. Have had a vibrant and enriching SMU experience

  5. Be passionate about SMU and are eager to share your SMU experiences

Attend An Information Session

Talk to us to find out if ASMU is a good fit for you