In conjunction with SMU’s 20th Anniversary, SM20thing The Way For Change is a student-led initiative by the SMU Ambassadorial Corps (ASMU) to celebrate the myriad of people and stories that make us One SMU. Pronounced "Smoothing The Way For Change", we wish to smoothen the difficult and rocky path for meaningful change for our peers in SMU.

All proceeds raised went towards SMU Bursary Fund. ASMU believes that opportunities can be provided even through the smallest form of support and that would go a long way in helping all promising students achieve their aspirations. By supporting this cause, we can ensure that the potential of these students is translated into a lasting impact on the world.

Create and Celebrate Change

WHAT We Have Done
To encourage the SMU community to showcase how they have created a meaningful impact in the past, we provided limited edition Smoo Smoo figurines for participants to adopt and decorate in a way that best embodies their respective faculty, office, or student club.

Over the course of 2020, we have raised a total of


This amount was contributed by 108 donors, who collectively adopted a total of 100 figurines.

Here are some of the snapshots from the past year:

Figurine Display & Competition
The Smoo Smoo Figurine Display & Competition aimed to celebrate the contributions & achievements of the 57 participating student clubs & offices. The full display can be viewed here:

Here's what one of our student recipients of the bursary had to say:
"I am extremely grateful to be chosen for this bursary and it made me feel appreciated and recognized. I would like to thank everyone involved in the selection process and to give me a sense of relief as this bursary has taken some load off my shoulders. With this, I will be able to focus better on the other aspects of my student and working life and not be so distracted by debts and other financial issues.”
SMU Sm20thing The Way For Change
Ranice Lim
Year 3 Lee Kong Chian School of Business Student

Thank You

Thank you to all student clubs, offices, faculty & staff who have made this initiative a success! Special thanks to the Office of Advancement, Office of Student Life, and Student Services Hub for your guidance and support over the past year!